Awesome place to buy outdoor equipment!

I have discovered the ONLY shop I will ever shop at for Scouts again – Drifters.

Here’s why:

  • Their prices are the BEST I have found  – they undercut the ‘recommended retail price’ on almost everything (e.g. their First Ascent Venus backpack is R400 cheaper than I have found in some other retailers). The sleeping bag, torch, clothing etc I bought were all about 15% cheaper than elsewhere.
  • The Staff actually use the equipment and so can advise from personal experience.
  • They know their products very well (and even the specs of brands they don’t stock e.g. they knew the weight, comfort rating, history behind a competitors sleeping bag I asked about).
  • They only stock items that are proven to work well (e.g. Shaun pointed out, people they supply are going on expeditions that cost R60,000 – they can’t afford to have inferior quality equipment).
  • They won’t sell you something that isn’t right for you (e.g. I was willing to buy a backpack, but they said no, it was the wrong back length for my child & would cause tiring)
  • they also stock Osprey equipment

I can’t sing DRIFTERS praises enough!

Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village, Shop A03, 27 Somerset Road, Green Point
Tel: 021 418 4511          email:

Check them out here on Facebook.

P.S.  They offer a good discount to Mountain Club members and are prepared to do the same for Scouts if they know about us.  So let them know you are a Scout when you next go shopping!

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