Our history begins over 100 years ago in 1908. Robert Baden-Powell in England has published the first part of his serialised “Scouting for Boys” in January 1908. Because mail only moves at the pace of shipping, it is February 1908 before the first copy reaches the Cape Colony. Two schoolboys, Fred and Julius Stern, excited by the idea’s set out in “Scouting for Boys” approach the headmaster of their school and ask him to form a troop. George French, a man with a great interest in the outdoors and education, agrees.

The first flag flown on 3 March 1908

On the 3rd March 1908 1st Claremont holds its first meeting and scouting in South Africa and  in Africa is born.

For the century that 1st Claremont has continued in existence we have faced many challenges. Sometimes the very existence of the troop has hung by a thread. Other times our numbers have exceeded 40 scouts. Hundreds and boys and more recently girls have passed through 1st Claremont, both changing and being changed by their contact with the ethos and adventure of scouting at 1st Claremont. Some have remained associated with the troop for much of their lives and other families have sent their sons to 1st Claremont across 3 generations.

Through it all, 1st Claremont has remained true to the traditions of scouting as laid down by Baden-Powell but old as we are, we are a forward looking troop, willing to embrace change. It is this that keeps us vibrant and fresh while we remain rooted in the timeless values that underpin the adventure of scouting.


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George French – First Scoutmaster in South Africa

George French was born in London on 17 October 1855. Shortly afterwards his father was sent to India with the army. When George was 5 both his parents and two younger sisters died of cholera and George was sent back to England to his grandparents. Four years later his grandfather also died and George spent …

The early years 1908 – 1919

BP  first published Scouting for Boys in January 1908 in serialised form in England. By the end of February 1908, the first publication had reached the shores of the Cape Colony where two school boys, Charles and Fred Stern, read the article with avid interest and decided to ask their headmaster to launch a scout …

The Founder – Robert Baden-Powell

Robert Baden-Powell (BP) was born as Robert Stephenson Smyth Powell in London on 22 February 1857. BP was the youngest of 7 children. His father died when he was 3 years old and his mother subsequently changed the name of her children to Baden-Powell. BP was awarded a scholarship to Charterhouse, a prestigious school. He first …

The Troop 2018

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Troop Picture 2016

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