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Rayner Trophy 2017

For the first time in many years we entered two teams into the Rayner Trophy, one experienced and one with no experience of Rayner. The competition followed the Highlands Trail which proved beneficial we hiked the trail a few years ago and it was also done as a First Class hike a year or two …

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Rayner Trophy

What is the Rayner Trophy? The Rayner Trophy is a hiking competition for senior (over 14.5 ) scouts. It is rated as the toughest scouting competition in the world. Over a weekend a team of 4 scouts hike a pre-set route, undertaking tasks and completing STA’s as they go along. How do I get on the Rayner? …

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Every year we enter scout competitions. This page provides access to the particular pages for each competition which has links to information from previous years including instructions, comments, marksheets and analysis. The object is to provide a resource which allows preparation for competitions to be easier and more comprehensive. It is disheartening to go on …

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