Junior attends the Scouter Warrant Course

The Scout Warrant Course hosted at the Hawequas Scout Adventure Centre was attended by Emily Gammon, Junior Kathe and the two German Scouts, Jula Wolf & Paul Polta, earlier this year.

The Scout Warrant Course is probably one of the most challenging courses to attend as an adult scouter, both mentally and physically. Although there’s so much theory to be digested, it’s all relevant information that you learned in your early scout years. If you weren’t one then, it’s even more fascinating as you’ll want to learn and know more.

There’s a quote that’s consistently repeated throughout the course, “you learn by doing”, and that’s exactly what the course does by offering various kinds of activities that equip you with the necessary skills whilst building strong bonds with fellow scouters.

The bonds made with fellow scouters are just incredible as you learn to connect and work together as a team/patrol whilst doing fun stuff that scouts generally do on camps such as pioneering, which included developing and forming a campsite with all the necessary gadgets needed.

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