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Badge Courses

Badge courses for certain badges are run by the Region. This option is only available in the Western Cape and is, in our view, one of the most outstanding aspects of scouting in the Western Cape. Scouts meet other scouts and make great friends on these courses and they learn new skills to an externally set standard. As a troop, we are fully supportive of badge courses and all our scouts are required to attend badge courses when they fulfill the criteria. Attendance on badge courses raises the general skill level of the troop and ensures that all scouts are able to fully participate in the activities of the troop. 

Booking on courses

Scouts are informed by email at the beginning of the year which badge courses they must register for. Of course, they may not be able to register due to school or other commitments and they may have to wait another year. Registration for badge courses is on Scouts Digital. Information on using Scouts Digital can be found here.

Once registered you should make the required payment and upload the proof of Payment to Scouts Digital. This does not guarantee acceptance on the badge course but it does raise the chance of being accepted. Badge courses are often oversubscribed and scouts who have paid are more likely to be accepted than those that have not. If you have paid and are not accepted on the course then your payment will be refunded to you by the Region.

Courses, Advancement and Age

Badge courses have different entry requirements. If the course is undersubscribed then the entry requirements may be waived by the Course Director. If the Course is oversubscibed, then the entry requirements are more likely to be applied strictly.  Although we mostly comply with the requirements, sometimes we believe the scout is ready to attend the course even though they may not fulfill the exact requirements. In this case we request the scout to register – if the Course Director does not accept them then they are still able to go another year.

Core Badges

We consider the following badge courses to be “coreto our troop and attendance is determined by the troop. 1st Claremont Scouts may not register themselves on these badge courses without being requested to do so the Troop Scouter. There are several reasons for this. One is that we want our scouts to obtain maximum benefit from these badges and to be sufficiently skilled and mature to enjoy the course. Another is that these badges represent key skills in scouting and we require all our scouts to attend them to ensure a successful troop. Another is that these badges are generally part of overall advancement and we want our scouts to attend them at the right point in their advancement. The “core” badges are:

  • Pioneering (Scoutcraft and Interest),
  • Cooking (Scoutcraft and Interest),
  • Mappping (Scoutcraft and Interest),
  • Backwoods (Scoutcraft and Interest),
  • Lifesaver,
  • First Aid (Scoutcraft and Interest).

All other badge courses can be attended by scouts at their own discretion and in their own time, dependant on their fulfilling the criteria of the specific course. 

 Equipment for courses

Some courses require specialised equipment from scouts. This equipment must be booked out on the Thursday before the course begins. This is important as a scouter will otherwise have to make a special trip to the hall to allow equipment to be withdrawn. Equipment must be returned on the Thursday after the course ends. It must be booked back in by the scout with an adult scouter so that we are sure that all equipment is returned or, if it has been lost, that we know what is missing.

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