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Scouting for Adults

Prehaps more challenging for any scout group is not attracting the youth to join but attracting adults as leaders for the troop. Since scouting was founded, finding enough adults as leaders has been a challenging task for every scout group and more than one group has folded through lack of adult leaders. At 1st Claremont we are always on the lookout for adults to help us on a part or full-time basis.

Hike to the Wolfberg Cracks, Arch and Peak

It is not necessary for you to have been a scout as Scouts offers courses to help your learn scouting skills and how to help run a troop.What is needed is the desire to give back to the community and involve yourself (as much as you can) in the adventure of scouting. You don’t have to have a child at scouts either, in fact most of our Troop Scouters are in their early 20’s and do not have children.

For parents it is a great way to stay involved with your child, without being too intrusive. It is also an excellent way to get involved in some of that outdoor activity that you always wanted to.

The pressures of life means that there never seems to be time to do all the things you should do. We believe that if you want to help, the time will somehow become available and scouting will become something you live.

We try to have a large a team as possible of helpers so that no one person is overloaded with all the requirements of running a troop. With this as a strategy it means that when there is a emergency or someone cannot make a meeting, there is usually someone else who can step into their shoes and take over.

So don’t hesitate; get involved and join the adventure of scouting. Come along on a Thursday and meet the team. But be warned – it can be addictive!

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