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The 1st Claremont Senior Scout 2018 Adventure by Natasha

In the December holidays of 2018 the seniors of the troop were privileged enough to hike in the Outeniqua forest. As part of the trail was burnt due to the recent Knysna fires we were to meet up with the trail on its fourth day. As we thought that the right path that was joining …

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AGM – The Troop Report

The 2018 year was an historic year for the Troop. As you are all aware we won, for the first time in our history, the Rayner Trophy and followed this up with a unique double when we won the Gordon Shield for the first time since 1972. The Trophy and Shield are on the wall …

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Badge Courses

Badge courses for certain badges are run by the Region. This option is only available in the Western Cape and is, in our view, one of the most outstanding aspects of scouting in the Western Cape. Scouts meet other scouts and make great friends on these courses and they learn new skills to an externally …

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First Class Hike

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Montagu 2016

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Our Explorer Scouts and the Scouts in America

As part of their Explorer Badge, our scouts are supposed to product a display which must be shown to the public. Usually this takes the form of a pioneering model or a poster, shown at the local library or in a shopping centre. Late last year we were approached by an American Scouter who wanted …

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2016 Photo Album

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Groot Winterhoek 2015

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