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Elandspad Kloofing 2019 by Aidan

We started our eventful day meeting at 8:30 at the parking lot near the Huguenot tunnel on the Worcester side. We hiked along the mountain and then descended towards the river. We stopped at a spot next to the river, had a snack and everyone had to ensure that their belongings in their backpacks would …

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Elandspad 2019

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Elandspad 2018

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Our Explorer Scouts and the Scouts in America

As part of their Explorer Badge, our scouts are supposed to product a display which must be shown to the public. Usually this takes the form of a pioneering model or a poster, shown at the local library or in a shopping centre. Late last year we were approached by an American Scouter who wanted …

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Elandspad 2016

A great days kloofing in Elandspad in perfect weather. We left early in the morning with temperatures forecast to reach 40 degrees so that we could avoid hiking in the heat. A wise decision as it turned out as we reached Fishermans Cave at about 10 in the morning, after about 1.5 to 2 hours …

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Kloofing Basics

Kloofing is the art and science of hiking down a river. In the Western Cape we are lucky to have several rivers that we can kloof in. Kloofing though is not like a conventional hike. Most kloofing is preceeded by the hike in – the length to get from the cars to the point where …

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2016 Photo Album

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2014 Photo Album

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