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Photo Galleries

At 1st Claremont when we do great scouting activities we try to take photos. We also have hundreds of photos from our long history. You can have a look at what scouting is all about by looking over the last few years of photos or you can browse our history.  

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The Founder – Robert Baden-Powell

Robert Baden-Powell (BP) was born as Robert Stephenson Smyth Powell in London on 22 February 1857. BP was the youngest of 7 children. His father died when he was 3 years old and his mother subsequently changed the name of her children to Baden-Powell. BP was awarded a scholarship to Charterhouse, a prestigious school. He first …

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Joining Cubs or Scouts

Joining Cubs or Scouts is easy! The first step is to contact us and check whether we are currently accepting new members, or if we are full and adding new applicants to our waiting list. If we are full, we can also refer you to other groups in the area. If we are accepting new …

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