Scout Troop Parent Survey

We will shortly be releasing our first version of a survey of scout parents. The object of the survey is to try and get a better feel as to the reality of our members’ lives as it affects their scouting. We feel that this is an important part of being able to gauge which activities are suitable, the importance of advancement to our families and where scouting fits into the priorities of our scouts.

We have, at present, very few scouters (just one) with a child at school and even if we had a few, a broad survey should give us important information to improve the activities offered, their cost and their timing. The survey will also collect some personal information such as which schools are represented at the troop and the current grade of each scout.

No information will be released other than statistical information and the collected individual responses will only be available to the Troop Scouter.

A survey is only useful if we get a reasonably good response, so please keep an eye open for the email and help us deliver better scouting.

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