About Scouting

1st Claremont Scout Group is the oldest established scout troop in South Africa and indeed in Africa. Founded on the 3rd March 1908 there are few troops in the world that are older than we are and even fewer that are still operational.

We are proud of our long history but it is who are are now that really counts. We are an active group of boys and girls that have an outdoor focus to our scouting. We subscribe to the traditional scouting values and firmly believe in the Scout Promise and the Laws but we are also forward looking and have no hesitation in engaging with technology and new ideas and adventures. We undertake many hikes and camps each year and are always looking for new places to go and experience.


You start with Meerkats at the age of 5 years. Meerkats is our newest branch of scouting and is for boys and girls from ages 5 to 7. The Meerkat Den meets on Saturday mornings and engage in age appropriate activities with a scouting inclination.

When you turn 7 you can join out active cub pack which is for boy and girls from ages 7 to 11. Cubs meet on Friday evenings and learn discipline and new skills in a fun environment. No dull lectures for these youngsters!

Scouts is for youth from ages 11 – 18. Scouts engage in adventurous activities such as hiking, camping and pioneering. They learn life skills such as perseverance, communication and leadership, not by talking but by doing. Scouting is always a memorable experience. Scouts meets on Thursday nights but the real fun and work happens over weekends.

When you turn 18 you can join our Rover Crew which has service as a focus but mostly allows you to stay friends with the people that you started with in Meerkats all those years ago. Rovers have a key service to the scout movement and Rovers are encouraged to become Assistant Den, Pack or Troop Scouters and help with running these units.

Regular meetings for all units happen at our hall at 17 Bowwood Road in Claremont. The hall provides the base for our activities but it is not the only place that we can go to. Scouts has several campsites in the Western Cape as well as a hut on the top of Table Mountain.

Above all, we subscribe to the concept laid down by Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouts, that scouting must be fun and once it is no longer fun it is no longer scouting.

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