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First Class Camp – Reporting

We will also require a brief report on the camp. The report should:

  • Have a front page
  • An assessment of the objectives against what actually was achieved e.g. did all your activities run or did you run out of time?
  • An accounting for finances. Your actual expenditure against your actual income. Any excess must be banked with the Group. It is not necessary to include slips but it is important you learn to handle money responsibly.
  • What worked
  • What didn’t work
  • What would you do differently next time
  • Comments from at least 3 participants (we suggest you give your patrol members a pen and paper at the end of the camp, get them to write their thoughts down and collect them immediately; alternatively record their thoughts on a cellphone and transcribe them).

The report must be submitted within two weeks of the camp.

We would really like lots of pictures of what happens on a camp. We can put them on the website and also add them to Smoke Signals as an article

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