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About Meerkats

Meerkats is the first section of Scouting in South Africa. At 1st Claremont, we take boys and girls aged five and six in a Den of maximum size 16. Meerkats follow a trail of outdoor oriented activities and earn badges on their individual achievement. To encourage team spirit, Meerkats are organized into Burrows of four, …

Meerkat Meetings

Meerkats meet in term times on Saturdays from 09h00-09h45. A parent accompanies a child to each meeting and is often involved in the activities. Like what you see? Want to join the Meerkats. Click here to see the current status of our Meerkat Den and add your name to our waiting list.

The Meerkat Trail

The Meerkat trail over two years goes through Bronze, Silver and Gold Stars. To gain these, a Meerkat has to earn all 17 Challenge badges and eight of the 18 Interest badges. At 1st Claremont, we cover the Challenge badges in meetings. Badges are sewn on the Meerkat’s hat – stars on top, Challenge badges …