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A Balanced Life

We have noted that when some children join scouts their lives are very busy with school activities and/ or family activities. As a result they are not able to attend many scout functions and they often lose interest or become frustrated and leave scouts. Because of the lack of interest, they can also become disruptive [read more]

Badges on uniforms

The new Entsha program is in effect and the badges are different. The above diagram sets out how badges will need to worn on each uniform. LDC, PLTC and PLTU Badges LDC 1, LDC 2, PLTC and PLTU badges are progressive. This means that LDC 2 replaces the LDC 1 badge, PLTC replaces the LDC [read more]

Booking for Activities

It is a key part of our program that we run extensive outdoor activities. The scouters give up much of their weekends to run these activities. Outdoor activities take extensive planning including booking, transport arrangements, food, if applicable, attendance, financial arrangements, permit applications as well as the actual activity itself. In order to minimise this [read more]


1st Claremont makes every attempt to communicate effectively with both parents and scouts. We do this through various media.  Email The primary form of communication is email and it is essential that we have email addresses for parents at the minimum. Notices and activity bookings are all notified through email. We maintain a mailing list [read more]


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Cub Badges

If you’re confused by all the different Cub badges, here’s a chart and an explanation of how they they all fit together. The first Advancement Badge is the Silver Wolf. This is aimed at younger Cubs and is made up of 4 separate challenge badges: the Green, Blue, Yellow and Red Paw. The Cub also [read more]

Financial Assistance

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The scout hall was built in 1940 and was expanded by the addition of the stage and the basement in 1952 (at the cost of 900 pounds). It is thus more than 75 years old and while some parts have been replaced over time (such as the roof), most of the hall is essentially the [read more]

Meetings and Activities

You may be mystified when you child comes back from scouts and starts talking about First Class, Reef knots, square lashings and Kon-Tiki. These pages set out some of the basic concepts and try to demystify the arcane areas of scouts. Meetings and Activities We meet every Thursday evening from 7.00pm to 9.00pm, except over [read more]

Parents Whatsapp Group

The scout troop has a Parents Whatsapp Group. Present on this group are parents and scouters only. Scouts are specifically excluded from this group. The object of the group is to enable a commonality of knowledge between parents and to enable co-ordination of matters such as transport, etc. Usually temporary Whatsapp groups are created for [read more]

Patrol Whatsapp Groups

Patrol Whatsapp groups are allowed for each patrol. The object is to enable direct communication between the scouts so that they can arrange activities more easily themselves. For this reason, scouts with cellphones are on the group and parents of scouts will cellphones are excluded from the groups. The Troop Scouter is on every group [read more]

Risk & Risk Mitigation

Scouting is not a safe activity. It is this lack of “safe” that attracts our scouts. The adventure that they enjoy is enjoyable because they are taking risks. To make scouting “safe” would remove the essence of scouting and be the death knell of the movement. This is not to say that no cognisance is [read more]

Termination of Membership

There are two instances when membership may be terminated: at the instance of the scout* at the instance of the troop. It is entirely normal for a child to lose interest in scouts. This loss of interest may be temporary or it may be permanent. Temporary loss of  interest often just needs encouragement to get [read more]

The Broader Scouting Structure

For an explanation of the Group Structure click here. Above the Group are the: District; Region; National; International. District Several Groups form a District, headed by a District Commissioner. We are in the Liesbeck District along with 2nd and 6th Rondebosch, 1st and 3rd Pineland, 1st Rosebank and 3rd Claremont (SACS). The District Commissioner provides [read more]

Troop Structure

Patrols BP said: “The patrol system is not one way to run scouts, it is the only way.” Scouts are divided into Patrols (we currently have 4), each one headed by a Patrol Leader with an Assistant Patrol Leader ready to step into leadership shoes. Patrol Leaders meet regularly in a Court of Honour to [read more]

Uniform at 1st Claremont

Scouts have worn uniforms since the start of scouting in 1908, although the uniform has changed over time. Uniforms are worn for various reasons, apart from tradition. They give a sense of belonging; they are used to display the advancement of the scout and they equalise discrepancies between the backgrounds of the scouts. We have [read more]