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Rayner Trophy

What is the Rayner Trophy?

The Rayner Trophy is a hiking competition for senior (over 14.5 ) scouts. It is rated as the toughest scouting competition in the world. Over a weekend a team of 4 scouts hike a pre-set route, undertaking tasks and completing STA’s as they go along.

How do I get on the Rayner?

Most importantly you need to be over 14.5 but it is also important that you are fit for hiking and have a level of advancement of Adventurer or above.

When and where is the Rayner?

The Rayner is usually held in March and the location is a closely guarded secret. It is usually within 100 kms of Cape Town but you only find out where the location is when the competition starts.

Rayner Training

Rayner Training is important as success on the Rayner is largely about teamwork and being mentally prepared.

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