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Scouts Digital

Scouts Digital is the online administration system for all scouts in South Africa. There is no other recognised system. 1st Claremont was one of the early adopters of the system. Scouts Digital can be accessed here.

Registration on Scouts Digital

To be registered on the system, a scout must have a unique email (they cannot use a parents email which is already registered on the system). If we have not been provided with a unique email, the scout will not be able to access their own records themselves.

No Email?

Junior scouts particularly often do not have emails of their own. We encourage scouts to have and take responsibility for their own email accounts. However, we also recognise that things will maybe not work out ideally in that the scout will lose the password and forget to check the email. One option is to register an email address with a provider such as GMail and autoforward all email to the parents email.  Once the scout is older, they can take control of the email account and the auto-forwarding can be turned off.

 We register all our scout and their parents on the system. This is important as it gives us access to contact and medical information when we need it. It is important that parents and scouts ensure that medical and contact information is complete and up to date. We have several times required access to medical information for access to hospitals and the incorrect information can result in delays in admission to hospital or even worse, incorrect medicine being given to a scout.


Advancement is recorded on Scouts Digital as the primary record and is available to a scout at any time. Scouts are encouraged to access their advancement information on Scouts Digital. If advancement is not recorded on Scouts Digital, then it is effectively deemed not have taken place.

Registration for Courses

To register for courses (refer to our section on Badge Courses)  scouts must login under their own name. Parents cannot register their scouts for badge courses under a parent login. This is part of learning responsibility that scouts register themselves and that parents do not do it for them. Assistance and some harassment may well be required to ensure registrations happen but ultimately, if the scout does not take the responsibility to register themselves, then they miss out on the course. That is the (not too serious) consequence of a lack of responsibility.

It is a required process to upload the proof of payment to Scouts Digital. Please ensure that this is done by the scout (again, the scout account not the parent account must be used). Course Directors are all volunteers and do not want to spend their time reconciling proof of payments to attendees. This is also important because scouts who do not pay on time are more likely to lose their places on the course (which is often oversubscribed).

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