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First Class Camp – Planning

It is important to plan your camp properly. There are two reasons for this:

  1. It is important that activities that you are responsible for are planned. If you do not have a plan your camp will not run well and you will not meet your objectives in running that camp.
  2. This is the opportunity to learn to plan camps. You will use the planning skills you learn here for other scout activities and in other aspects of your life.

Your plan must be submitted to the examining scouter at least 1 week before your camp. The plan must include the following:

  • Cover Page;
  • Contents Page;
  • A list of confirmed attendees (you must have at least 3 other scouts from your patrol, plus yourself);
  • The objectives of the camp (e.g. scouts to obtain the Fires and Cooking badge)
  • The location of the camp and confirmation that the site is booked;
  • A detailed plan for your camp. This is usually in a grid schedule with times allocated to each activity, including transport times;
  • The details of what advancement each scout is expected to achieve over the camp, including yourself
  • Designs for the two gadgets that must be built (all First Class camps must build at least two gadgets at Gordon Shield level);
  • The list of equipment needed for the camp, including any new equipment that the troop will need to buy;
  • The menu;
  • The food purchase list with quantities and costs;
  • Estimated cost per person;
  • Transport arrangements (who is doing transport and how many people per car and how will the equipment will be transported);
  • Details of when you will need access to the basement to pack and unpack equipment and how you will get access.

Please Note

A braai is not acceptable. Please actually cook a proper meal – either on gas or on a fire (Dutch Oven)

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