Every year we enter scout competitions. This page provides access to the particular pages for each competition which has links to information from previous years including instructions, comments, marksheets and analysis. The object is to provide a resource which allows preparation for competitions to be easier and more comprehensive. It is disheartening to go on a competition unprepared and not knowing what to expect.


Rayner Trophy

Upton Shield

Gordons Shield

Resources for all competitions

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Competition Results

Competitions are how we judge our training and advancement programs. Taking part and trying our best is an important part of development for our scouts but doing well is also important as it boosts self-confidence for the troop as a whole. Results are not everything but they are not to be discounted either. We believe …

Gordons Shield

The Gordons Shield is a long standing competition in the Western Cape with a history which can be found here. The Gordons Shield is a standing camp format. Back in the older days (about 30 years ago) it was held in March/ April but these days it is held in August/ September which means it …


What is Kon-Tiki? Kon-tiki is a competition based on the exploits of Thor Heyerdahl, the Norwegian anthropologist who sailed a raft of balsa from South America to the Polynesian Islands to prove that it was possible that the Polynesians were descended from ancient inhabitants of South America. Kon Tiki was an old name for the …

Rayner Trophy

What is the Rayner Trophy? The Rayner Trophy is a hiking competition for senior (over 14.5 ) scouts. It is rated as the toughest scouting competition in the world. Over a weekend a team of 4 scouts hike a pre-set route, undertaking tasks and completing STA’s as they go along. How do I get on the Rayner? …

Upton Trophy

The Upton Trophy is the junior version of the Rayner Trophy and is open to scouts from age 11 – 14.5. It usually lasts only one day and is held in April every year. The location is only disclosed shortly before the competition although secrecy is not as pervasive as on the Rayner Trophy. The …