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Discoverer Hike Report and Log

  1. There must be a cover page.
  2. Log your hike using traditional compass logging techniques. There should be no more than 15 compass points logged and no less than 10. Your log should include in a grid format:
    1. the compass direction you are travelling in;
    2. The distance you have travelled (rounded to the nearest 100m);
    3. comments on what is significant about this point (a significant landmark, change in direction, turn off a path, etc)
    4. a picture if you have one.
  3. Include a map of the hike (1:50 000 or any more detailed map) with your route clearly marked.
  4. List the members of the group you were hiking with (excluding any adults) and discuss their hiking competence as you observed it on this hike.
  5. List the contents of the First Aid kit you had on this hike.
  6. Include the weather report from the day of or the day before the hike from a reputable source for the area in which you are hiking.
  7. List the equipment that each participant should have had with them. 
  8. Space your text at 1.5 line spacing.

Your entire report and log should be a maximum of 4 pages, excluding the cover and contents (6 in total).

You are encouraged to use a hiking app to measure distance and to make sure you know where you are. The standard app in the troop is which enables us to swop gpx tracks.

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