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Meetings and Activities

You may be mystified when you child comes back from scouts and starts talking about First Class, Reef knots, square lashings and Kon-Tiki. These pages set out some of the basic concepts and try to demystify the arcane areas of scouts.

Meetings and Activities

We meet every Thursday evening from 7.00pm to 9.00pm, except over school holidays. The weekly meetings generally but not always encompass a formal opening, a game, training in a skill, practising that skill and a closing ceremony. We expect scouts to attend at least 75% of weekly meetings over any given time period. A scout who is attending less than 75% of meetings may simply be too busy to really commit to scouts or they may be disinterested in scouts. Scouts is not suitable for every child and IMG_0333there is little point in forcing a child who is not interested into scouts. Parents should also be alert to changes in their child’s attitude to scouts. It is unfortunately true that attitudes towards scouts often changes around the age of 16 and scouts can give up at
around this age. This results in the classic pyramid structure in scouts of fewer senior scouts (roughly scouts over the age of 14.5) compared to junior scouts.

Each term is packed with weekend activities which can range from community service to hikes to competitions to camps to badge courses to advancement. We appreciate that scouts cannot attend every activity but at the same time it is important that scouts attend a reasonable proportion of outdoor activities. Attendance at activities is recorded and monitored. Where we feel that a scout is not attending a reasonable proportion of activities that will give them the benefits of scouting, we will address the issue with the parents. To enjoy scouting a certain level of commitment is necessary and this may mean an adjustment by the parents of the families annual calendar.

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