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Gordons Shield

The Gordons Shield is a long standing competition in the Western Cape with a history which can be found here. The Gordons Shield is a standing camp format. Back in the older days (about 30 years ago) it was held in March/ April but these days it is held in August/ September which means it is always cold and sometimes rainy – adding to the challenge. Teams consist of 8 scouts.Traditionally we send one team on Gordons Shield but with a bigger troop we are able to send two teams. Teams are tested on the set up of a campsite (gadgets, gateway, neat and tidy) as well as cooking and various tests that scouts are continually having to go to. The real test is thus one of leadership and teamwork as the Patrol Leader and the APL must be able to manage efficiently and with the right priority the required tasks with members of the team having to stop what they are doing to attend to various tests. Scouting skills are also at a high premium as scouts can be required to undertake a variety of tasks.

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