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The MOSCIP Trophy has a long history in 1st Claremont. Unfortunately due to a lack of records we don’t have that history in any detail. We are not even sure what the acronym stands for although we think “MOnthly Standing Competion (Inter Patrol)”.

What we do have is the current MOSCIP Trophy competition which is run over each term between the Patrols. The wining patrol gets the prestige of hanging the MOSCIP in their patrol corner. Oh! and the chocolate for each member – did we mention the chocolate?

Scoring is methodical and based on:

  • Attendance;
  • Inspection (including uniform, patrol corners, log books, etc);
  • Points for evening activities at the discretion of the Scouters;
  • Attendance at outdoor activities (including community service but not including competitions)
  • Badges achieved but not including advancement (Pathfinder, Adventurer, etc).

The object of the competition is to incentivise the right types of behaviour without making the competitive aspect the be all and end all. For this reason the scoring is adjusted periodically to promote certain behaviours.

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