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Hall 1950

The hall in 1950 before the addition of the stage and basement

The scout hall was built in 1940 and was expanded by the addition of the stage and the basement in 1952 (at the cost of 900 pounds). It is thus more than 75 years old and while some parts have been replaced over time (such as the roof), most of the hall is essentially the original hall, including the floor, the roof beams, the woodwork and the window frames. Given its age the hall  requires continuous maintenance. There is also the grounds which we are in the process of developing and the equipment used by the scouts and cubs.

Larger maintenance jobs and those requiring specific skills are outsourced to workmen with the required knowledge but a substantial and ongoing portion of maintenance is carried out by the scouts and parents of the Group. Help is always required with this maintenance.  This help can take two forms:

  • the bi-annual work parties; and
  • specific work that done in your own time.

Parents (and scouts) are thus encouraged and expected to contribute to the maintenance of the hall, the grounds and the equipment by the practical means of either attending a work party or by selecting a specific maintenance job from the list and completing it in their own time. Attending a work party for an hour or two in a year is surely a small price to pay for the experience your children get from scouts. You do not have to be skilled at anything particular and you will meet other parents to socialise with.

If you can take on a specific job on this list on an upcoming work party or you can undertake a job in your own time, please contact us on or the Parents Whatsapp group so that we can help you.

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