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Badges on uniforms

The new Entsha program is in effect and the badges are different. The above diagram sets out how badges will need to worn on each uniform.

LDC, PLTC and PLTU Badges

LDC 1, LDC 2, PLTC and PLTU badges are progressive. This means that LDC 2 replaces the LDC 1 badge, PLTC replaces the LDC 2 badge and PLTU replaces the PLTC badge. These badges go above right hand pocket (assuming you are wearing the uniform), closest to the scarf (in this image itis the small purple badge with the fleur de lys and the two bars on each side). The first badge to go here is the LDC 1. This would be replaced by the LDC 2 badge when earned and so on.

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