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1st Claremont: 1960-1969

This is a song that was sung at 1st Claremont camps in the 1960s, and which several 1st Claremont Old Boys sung at the campfire for our centenary celebrations in 2008. We were very surprised when we couldn’t find it online, so here it is. As far as we know it’s by a singer called Scott Sanders and dates from 1924.

Pottering Along

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the tortoise and the hare,
The hare was out to win the race, the tortoise didn’t care.
Pottering along he went and won it easily
So here’s a little tip for you and me:

Slow but sure is the only way
So you begin like me today ….

Pottering along, pottering along
Pottering past the milestones, whistling a song.
Got no home but I don’t care
There’s nobody to worry when I don’t get there.
The uppers of my boots have gone to glory
But still I’m going strong.
When my soles are through, y’ken
I’ll be on my feet again
Pot pot pot pot pottering along

When you’re feeling worried and you don’t know where to turn,
When your Ex’s run away with every bean you earn,
What’s the use of worrying, you should be mighty glad
Just think of all the darn good times you’ve had.

Things come right in the end you’ll see
Until they do just think of me:

Pottering along, pottering along…

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