Smoke Signals – First Edition 2019

Since we first published Smoke Signals, far back in the somewhat misty history of 1st Claremont, it has always taken the form of a book. In the old days it was typed by hand and roneod.  Later it was created on personal computers and printed. Later still, it was created as a pdf and emailed or loaded to our website.

Now, we are looking at the next evolution of the venerable publication and we are moving it all onto our website. Our website is one of the most sophisticated scout websites in South Africa. Based on a WordPress platform, the current website was created some 7 years ago. Despite its apparent sophistication, not one line of code has been written. The entire website relies on WordPress and the use of plugins to create, what in scout terms, is an outstanding website.

The site currently has over 100 pages of static information, photo galleries and more occasional posts on events. Moving Smoke Signals to the website will bring greater traffic to our website and make it the focal point of information about the Group. Reports on events, appeals for help and general information will increasingly be placed on the site. As some information is confidential, some pages will require a login to access. Access to the confidential information is carefully controlled and only recognised individuals are granted access (scouts, parents, scouters, alumni).

So  take the time to browse through the very first entirely website based edition of Smoke Signals on the 1st Claremont website.

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