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Cub Badges

If you’re confused by all the different Cub badges, here’s a chart and an explanation of how they they all fit together.

The first Advancement Badge is the Silver Wolf. This is aimed at younger Cubs and is made up of 4 separate challenge badges: the Green, Blue, Yellow and Red Paw. The Cub also has to earn 4 Interest Badges.  To complete the full Silver Wolf takes 18-24 months. Most of the requirements are covered during normal Cub meetings, outings, and camps, and the best way a Cub can advance is to attend as many meetings and activities as possible.

The Gold Wolf is aimed at Cubs age 9 and above. It is made up of the Caracal, Cheetah, Leopard and Lion challenge badges, plus 4 more interest badges. Cubs who join after age 9 usually start directly on our Gold Wolf activities.

The final Cub badge is the Leaping Wolf, which is a challenge for Cubs age 10+. It has fewer tasks than the Silver and Gold Wolves, and the Cub picks a number of personal challenges to complete. 

At age 11, the Cubs go up to Scouts, where they earn the Link Badge and then continue with the Scout Advancement programme. 

In parallel, there are nearly 70 Cub Interest Badges, optional badges on themes ranging from Artist to Chess to Fishing to Sports. We sometimes do interest badges on a camp or at meetings, but they can also be done by the Cubs at home or even at school. Just let us know when they have completed something and we will make a time to sit down and let them show us what they have done.

These pages cover the Cub badge requirements in more detail, and where to sew them onto the uniform:


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