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Community Service

Community Service is one of the most difficult things to do. To help with this (yes, it really is a help) there is a minimum planning and reporting requirement. The requirement to put down your plan in writing helps you to think through the issues and make sure that  The Discoverer scouts have a requirement [read more]

Discoverer Hike Report and Log

There must be a cover page. Log your hike using traditional compass logging techniques. There should be no more than 15 compass points logged and no less than 10. Your log should include in a grid format: the compass direction you are travelling in; The distance you have travelled (rounded to the nearest 100m); comments [read more]

First Class Camp – Planning

It is important to plan your camp properly. There are two reasons for this: It is important that activities that you are responsible for are planned. If you do not have a plan your camp will not run well and you will not meet your objectives in running that camp. This is the opportunity to [read more]

First Class Camp – Reporting

We will also require a report on the camp. The report should: Have a front page An assessment of the objectives against what actually was achieved e.g. did all your activities run or did you run out of time? An detailed accounting for finances. Your actual expenditure against your actual income. Any excess must be [read more]

Planning your Discoverer hike

Please look here before you commence planning Your hike plan must be submitted to the TS at least 5 days before your hike. It must include: Cover page  A description of your route. A map of your route, with the route clearly marked (Google Maps is NOT sufficient). Weather forecast. Which scouts will be attending. [read more]