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Financial Assistance

In an ideal world, scouting would be free and there would be no constraints in terms of monetary requirements. Despite the very low cost of scouting, it is not possible to have free scouting.We are subject to increasing prices for accommodation, permits and the multiplicity of other costs that go with an active outdoor scouting experience.

1st Claremont is situated in the midst of relatively wealthy suburbs. However, not all our members come directly from surrounding wealthier suburbs and even those that do may have financial constraints that, for a variety of reasons, may impact on ability to attend scout events. The scouters are well aware of the financial cost incurred in events and try their best to keep costs down. The fact is that certain events carry mandatory costs which may prove to be prohibitively expensive for some families. Pause for the exhausted

For this reason, the Group offers financial assistance on a case by case and event by event basis. Financial Assistance must be requested by families. It will clearly not always be possible for every request to be met but assistance may be provided for certain events. We sometimes also have generous offers from parents to subsidise a scout who would otherwise be unable to attend an event. We do usually ask for a co-payment from the family requesting assistance.

If you require financial assistance, please talk to one of the scouters or email them at We would not like to see a scout missing out on some of the great experiences of scouting through a lack of resources when help is available.

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