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Parents Whatsapp Group

The scout troop has a Parents Whatsapp Group. Present on this group are parents and scouters only. Scouts are specifically excluded from this group. The object of the group is to enable a commonality of knowledge between parents and to enable co-ordination of matters such as transport, etc. Usually temporary Whatsapp groups are created for specific events to avoid flooding the entire group with messages.

The agreed rule is that the group is for scout matters only. Please thus do not post other information on the group. This includes information on events, Covid 19, articles of non-scout interest etc.

Parents are welcome to deregister from the group – there is no obligation to remain. Whatsapp Group fatigue is not yet a recognised social issue but it may well be soon! The Whatsapp group is not the primary method of communication – we use email for that but it is used for reminders so you will still be informed of events.

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