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Upton Trophy

The Upton Trophy is the junior version of the Rayner Trophy and is open to scouts from age 11 – 14.5. It usually lasts only one day and is held in April every year. The location is only disclosed shortly before the competition although secrecy is not as pervasive as on the Rayner Trophy.

The format is usually the same with hiking and a series of bases and STA’s. There can be variations on this with some bases being timed (which means they shut down after a certain time) while other years bases just remain open until all patrols have passed through.

Bases usually cover Pathfinder and Adventurer knowledge which is consistent with a schedule of advancement aimed at getting scouts through to Springbok.

The competition can be demanding on young scouts and there have been comments from the judges on exhausted scouts lagging the competition. There is however a safety net of adults to ensure scouts do not get lost on the competition. Basic map reading skills will always be helpful on the Upton


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