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Using Email

We use a single standard list of email addresses from the website. We hope to migrate this to a new system in the near future.

Email access is only granted on a needs basis and generally only First Class scouts and above have need of the email system.

  1. You must be logged into the website to access the email system. Once you are logged in, look at the menu  and  click  on “EMail”.
  2. Look down the list of emails and find the “Email Template – Draft”. Occasionally the template is deleted inadvertently. In this case just pick any email and duplicate it as set out below.Template




3. When you hover over it with your mouse you will see several options appear. Select “Duplicate” and click on it.

4. You will see the following screen: First Screen

4. Change the “Subject Line” to the topic of your email (e.g. Boks Patrol Hike)

5. Select the appropriate list. Generally scouts will only use the Patrol or Scout Troop Lists. Unless you are responsible for a Group wide activity, you should not use the Group (Cub parents, Scouts, Scouters and Scout parents) list, nor should you need to use the Cub or Alumni lists at all.

6. Click on “Next Step”.

7. Second Step
















Click on “Click here to add a title or text” and type the content of your email into this space. DO NOT change the header image or the footer. If you want to see what your email looks like, change the email at the bottom of the page to your email and click “Send Preview”

Read your email text through carefully and be sure that it communicates clearly all the information that is necessary for the activity. As a quick checklist consider whether the email tells recipients:

  • Starting and ending times and locations;
  • If equipment and food is needed;
  • A reminder on consent forms;
  • Details of the activity.

Click on “Next Step” once you are satisfied that your email is complete.

Last Step

























8. You have the chance to edit your email title and reselect the recipients. You MAY NOT change the Sender. You may change the “Reply-to name & email” if you wish to receive the emails directly to your inbox. If you do not the person in charge of the email box will forward messages to you.

9. You can schedule the email to be sent at a particular time. To do this, check the box and fill in the time and date

Schedule it





If you do not want to schedule it, click on “Send”. To edit the email before you send, click on “go back to design”. Once you click Send the email will take some time before it sends. Do not worry, the email will be sent.

Your email will appear in the list of emails. Periodically, emails are deleted to keep the list manageable.

Email List

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