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Booking for Activities

It is a key part of our program that we run extensive outdoor activities. The scouters give up much of their weekends to run these activities. Outdoor activities take extensive planning including booking, transport arrangements, food, if applicable, attendance, financial arrangements, permit applications as well as the actual activity itself. In order to minimise this work, we generally follow the following principles:

  • Bookings for activities are done on a first come first served basis. 
  • We close most bookings a week or more before the activity. Once bookings close you are liable for the costs of the activity (see below). We may accept late applications. This is at the sole discretion of the scouter in charge of that activity.
  • When a deposit is payable, the booking is not final unless the deposit is paid.
  • Payments are usually done directly to the troop account or in cash on the day for small amounts. Please email proof of payment to Many bank systems can now do this automatically.IMG_5376
  • If you book for an activity, the cost of participation is payable even if the activity is not attended (subject to consideration of the circumstances of non-attendance). Non-attendance usually costs the troop as many costs are no longer reversible and some are incurred several months prior to the activity.
  • Consent forms are always required for any activity away from the hall. We are aware of how much of a hassle this constitutes but consent is both a requirement under scout regulations and required by our insurers. Consent forms must be updated with medical details for each activity and must be properly completed. Please click here for information on completing a consent form properly. The simple rule is: no consent form: no activity. Early submission of consent forms is welcomed.
  • Scouters who do not have children on an activity are entitled to a refund for petrol costs; parents transporting are not entitled to petrol costs.
  • When payment is requested, reasonably prompt payment is much appreciated. Payments are reconciled by the Treasurer (the scouters do not have control over or even access to the troop bank account).

Your assistance in reducing the workload on the scouters by following these principles will be much appreciated.


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