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Planning your Discoverer hike

Please look here before you commence planning

Your hike plan must be submitted to the TS at least 5 days before your hike. It must include:

  1. Cover page
  2.  A description of your route.
  3. A map of your route, with the route clearly marked (Google Maps is NOT sufficient).
  4. Weather forecast.
  5. Which scouts will be attending.
  6. The equipment needed to log your hike
  7. Emergency numbers (confirm they are saved on a cellphone that will be with you).
  8. Equipment that each scout must have.


If you wish to do another route, you must check with the Troop Scouter before you communicate with scouts and parents.

  1. Constantia Nek to Woodhead Dam and back
  2. Pipe track to Slangolie and back.
  3. River walk and Panorama circuit Silvermine
  4. Constantia Nek to Kirstenbosch and return
  5. Rhodes Memorial to Kirstenbosch (one way only)
  6. Kirstenbosch to Newlands Forest and return.
  7. If you wish to do another route, please discuss with your TS beforehand.

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