Smoke Signals 2020: Second Edition

The Covid-19 crisis has necessitated a state of lockdown – an unprecedented global event. Because of this, the 1st Claremont scouts and cubs group have had to learn how to do things differently.

Unable to meet up, the group has been meeting via an on-line portal and in this post Luke Foord discusses the challenges of on-line scouting . Our scouts have undertaken some at-hoe, lockdown activities – read upon the Covid 10 badge, and hear from Alex about the District Competition and Holly about the Lockdown Trophy. The move to Level 3 has meant that scouts can now exercise – not as group, but with their family and we encourage everyone to join the ‘hike to Mahikeng‘.

The group were able to complete a couple of activities before lockdown – there was a successful pioneering project completed before lockdown and the cubs were able to go to the senior camp. And a new Rover group has been established at 1st Claremont – and they managed to squeeze in a few ‘real life’ activities to kick off their programme. The Cubs have been busy with activities at home and a mountaineering at home challenge on Freedom Day. Two Cubs have completed their Leaping Wolf badges and you can read about their projects on Blessing Bags and Cyberbullying.

iNaturalist’s annual City nature challenge took place under unusual circumstances this year: in our back gardens. None the less, there was an enthusiastic turn out from our scouts and cubs.

We end with some ‘admin’: a regional update which highlights some of the activities undertaken by scouts in the past 3 months; notes from our Committee; a heads up about the forthcoming Scout survey – which we encourage everyone to please take and as always, we end with the troop scouter’s reflections for these challenging times.

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