Scout Covid 19 Badge

  1. Discuss COVID-19 with a parent, other adult or adult leader. 
    • what is a virus
    • how the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 were named
    • how COVID-19 is spread
    • symptoms of infection
    • methods and measures to prevent infection, and
    • ‘flattening the curve’
  2. List the steps to take if a person exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 infection. Memorize the national emergency hotline number to call for advice.
  3. Make a poster explaining the concepts of a disease epidemic versus a disease pandemic. Display it at home.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Build a Tippy-Tap and demonstrate the correct procedure for washing hands with soap and water. Proof must be provided.
    • Make a two-minute video demonstrating five or more ways to prevent infection by COVID-19 (one method must be the correct way of washing hands with soap and water).
  5. Make a simple face mask using materials found at home and demonstrate how to wear it.
  6. Explain to your adult leader how the Scout Motto (“Be Prepared”) relates to the outbreak of COVID-19 and any other unforeseen situation/emergency/natural disaster.

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