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Competition Results

Competitions are how we judge our training and advancement programs. Taking part and trying our best is an important part of development for our scouts but doing well is also important as it boosts self-confidence for the troop as a whole. Results are not everything but they are not to be discounted either. We believe we can do well on competitions and have a great time doing it as well.

YearRayner TrophyKon-TikiUpton ShieldGordons ShieldStar Troop
21091st,2nd (2 teams)Did not enter2nd,3rd,17th,18th,25th (5 teams)
20181st / 8th (2 teams)Did not enter7,10,11 (3 teams)1st, 6th (2 teams)Bronze
20172nd / 8th (2 teams)19th7/27 (2 teams)2nd/ 13th (2 teams)Bronze
201610 (Team of 3)Did not enter2nd, 6th, 6th (tied) (3 Teams)3rd/ 11th (2 teams)Bronze
201514204th, 14th, 31th (3 Teams)3rd, 11th (2 teams)
2014Did not enter7th25th, 36th (2 Teams)14thParticipation
2013Did not enter11th36th4thBronze
2012Did not enterUnknownUnknown11thUnknown
2011Did not enterUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown

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