Contents – Smoke Signals 2019: First Edition

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For an exciting overview of what Scouts get up to,  start off by watching what two senior scouts have to say about “A year at 1st Claremont  Scouts” here and here .

Ever wondered what sea scouts do? As a land scout troop we don’t often have people on sea scout courses. But we have in the troop a former sea scout who attends sea scout badge courses such as the Boatswains Badge Course.

The most demanding hike in the Western Cape. Two directions. Up… and Down…. Once every 3 years by invitation only!  Senior Scouts. By the time you are over 15 will you be experienced and fit enough for the Arangieskop Senior Scout Invitational Hike?

With cancellation of the Senior Scout Adventure at the end of 2018, what do you do? You pack your seniors off to hike the Outeniqua and Harkerville Trails on a Senior Scout Hike. And because at the same time as they are hiking, you are helping run an Annual Camp at Appleton (see the Camp Photos here), you send them on their own.

As a land scout troop, hiking is one of our core strengths and something that we take on as a troop. Recent hikes have included the recent Elandspad hike for the whole troop, and the Bats Patrol Hike to the De Villiers Dam.


The Cub Pack has been busy as well:  learning about other cultures, making friends while learning about safety, first aid and BP Day, hiking up to Eagles Nest and camping at camping at Rondevlei, among other exciting things.

Every year Lord Baden-Powell’s birthday is commemorated by scouts around the world. This year Cape Town troops celebrated Founders Day at the Gilray Scout Camp, on the 24th February.


The Annual AGM was well attended: you can read the Scout Group Leader’s Address The Scout Troop Report and The Cub Pack Report here. 


2018 was a big year for the 1st Claremont Scout Troop:  what does 2019 hold for us? Read the Reflections here. 

Upcoming Events

Get a picture of what is coming up in the second term. Hint: It’s busy as always!





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