Boatswains Course by Justin

Sea Scout courses are very much foreign to most land scouts as we generally don’t stray to that side of things. However, this year I attended a senior Sea Scout course called Boatswain.

This course has two parts; to teach you how to repair any damages done to a boat and the other part of this course was making our bosun’s lanyard. I thoroughly enjoyed learning these new skills. While on this course we learnt how to fix a crack using fibre glass, to use general power tools, to sand down various items, to stitch and much more!

For those asking what exactly is a bosun’s lanyard, it’s a piece of rope that has been plaited, woven and tied to make different patterns throughout it. This results in a lanyard that (if you are in the sea scouts you attach your bosun’s call to it)

This is an example of a regular bosuns call. It is not only used by sea scouts but also be sea cadets and the navy for day to day announcements and calls. In scouting terms however, it is mostly used for ceremonial occassions.


Overall, like any other course this was a great opportunity to meet new scouts from different areas and build relationships with them. This all while still learning new and useful skills that will give you an edge in day to day activities.

This is in my opinion a very valuable course to attend for anyone interested in the sailing world.


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