The AGM – The Pack Report


  • Our membership averaged 34, and in January we moved from 4 Sixes to 6 Sixes, and increased to 36 Cubs. We have 15 girls and 21 boys.
  • We currently have 6 Cubs working on Membership, 14 working on Silver Wolf and  16 working on Gold Wolf,
  • Last year, we averaged over 80% attendance again, which is excellent.
  • Departures: 11 Cubs went up to Scouts, 2 moved away, and only 3 unexpected, i.e. good retention
  • We still have a long waiting list, and not all of those on the list will find places. Siblings get priority.


Activities in 2018:

  • Joint camp with 1st Pinelands: 24 Cubs attending
  • Joint meeting with 1st Pinelands and 6th Rondebosch
  • We had guests at 8 meetings during the year: Guide Dogs, Snakes and Reptiles, Simply Bee, NSRI, 3D Printing, Lois Strachan, National Security, Kathy Brink
  • Western Cape Senior Cub Camp: 9 Cubs attended (age 10)
  • Overnight expedition to Appleton Campsite on Signal Hill: 18 Cubs attending
  • Day hikes and outings: Liesbeeck River cleanup, Jeep Track hike to the dams, two holiday craft activities at the hall, Scout Heritage Centre, work parties, Edward Shield
  • Plastic waste and water saving themes
  • Community service including Santa’s Shoebox


Advancement in 2018:

  • Tom, Zoe, Marc, Holly, James, Tim and Joel earned Leaping Wolves
  • Around 15 Silver Wolves and several Gold Wolves last year.
  • Star Awards aren’t announced yet but indications are we earned Gold for the third year running. (We did!)


Leaders and helpers:

  • Ian continued as Akela, assisted by Baloo (Fraser), Bagheera (Kath) and Kaa (Maurits) in uniform. Stephen, Barry and John were also regular helpers.
  • Caleb, Daniel, Luke, Tom, Natasha and Simon were our Cub Instructors.
  • Mostly unchanged in 2019.
  • Support and participation by parents has never been higher and this makes a difference. We invite all cub parents to volunteer to help out at a meeting or event each year. Please let us know when you would like to assist.
  • Thank you to all the helpers!


Plans for 2019:

  • Continue with a fun programme and encourage lots of badge advancement
  • Great attendance gets great results!

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