Cub Camp at Rondevlei

In March the Cubs spent the night on an island in Rondevlei Nature Reserve and earned their Conservation Badge in a camp run by CTEET.

Dragon boating
Dragon boating Matthew
Dragon boating Luc

We went dragon boating in Seekoeivlei
– James S

The Draggon boating was so much tun. It was alot of fun.
– Olivia

On camp I injoyd the hippos and the way they poop.
– Avila

At cubs we went to Rondevlei to camp. We saw hippos.
– Ado

We went on a boat. And we went for a walk.

Dragon boat anon
Rondevlei camp Malaika
Dragon boating James
Ryan bird watching
Rondevlei Tristan
Rondevlei camp
Rondevlei Julia
Rondevlei Ryan
Bird tower
Tower Annabelle
cub camp rondevleu
cub camp rondevleu2
Bird watching Logan
cub camp rondevleu3
cub camp rondevleu6

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