Elandspad Kloofing 2019 by Aidan

We started our eventful day meeting at 8:30 at the parking lot near the Huguenot tunnel on the Worcester side.

We hiked along the mountain and then descended towards the river. We stopped at a spot next to the river, had a snack and everyone had to ensure that their belongings in their backpacks would not get wet. Luckily Jonathan saved the day. He had a proper waterproof bag and the cell phones were given to him for dry keeping. Otherwise we would have been in trouble… as most of our belongings did get wet.IMG_5364

I started my first Kloofing experience. Kloofing is the art of following a mountain stream by floating, jumping and swimming. Kloofing takes place in a river gorge deep in the mountains.

We were surrounded by beautiful mountains and apart from a few trout fishers we were on our own. Some of the scouts dragged behind and some were charging ahead.

The most special part of the Kloofing experience was the waterfall. When we reached the 100-metre-high waterfall, we were in awe. Although it was in shade the water wasn’t too cold. A few of us had the courage to jump from the highest point next to the waterfall.

Once back from the waterfall we had lunch and for the next four hours made our way back by swimming, walking or jumping from rock to rock. This was no easy task, with scouts falling backwards, forwards and sideways, miraculously no-one got injured.IMG_5396

By the way I manage to contract swimmer’s itch, for those who have never heard of it (including me). It’s a rash caused by an allergic reaction to the larvae of certain parasites. The parasites can get under your skin when swimming in freshwater. If they come into contact with people, the parasites can burrow under the skin. This causes an allergic reaction and a rash. Luckily the larvae can’t survive in humans, so the parasite die.

The rash goes away on its own and doesn’t need treatment. Mine was so bad that I couldn’t go to school for the two days.

We had a great day and it was certainly one to remember.

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