The AGM – The Scout Group Leader’s Address

Below is the text of Tim, our Scout Group Leaders address, at the 2018 AGM.

  1. The Group Committee consists of volunteer parents, each with a defined role, to support the branches (troop and pack), in producing scouting.
    1. Karen has fulfilled the role of managing our important leasing activities which supports not only the troop and pack but also allows us to invest money into our equipment and infrastructure. This is a key revenue generating role. These activities also support the community by providing a place for them to meet and engage at very low cost.
    2. Andrew manages the infrastructure, the largest expenditure item on the budget as we play catch up for years of neglect of infrastructure. This year major items were the installation of extra outside lighting, sadly immediately stolen and damaged by thieves, treatment for borer beetle and roof repairs.
    3. Ingrid manages the Treasury function efficiently and will present her report shortly.
    4. Sam as the Group Secretary keeps us all on our toes with action points and helps ensure we deliver.
    5. We have also, this year, produced the Group magazine Smoke Signals which has a long and distinguished, if somewhat erratic, history. Special thanks to Kathrine and Lynn for their hard work on producing this fine publication.
  2. Thanks to all the committee members for their hard work and those parents who have come to assist work parties and other times & events
  3. In the 2019 year, we plan to finally repair and treat the invaluable hall floor and to improve our security by installing a new fence between ourselves and the old bowling club. We hope the improvements in security will allow us to improve our infrastructure further without the improvements being stolen. Other functions such as maintenance and purchase of equipment and infrastructure will continue as normal.
  4. In addition to the Committee, we are looking for further support from parents. These roles are not necessarily Committee positions so it is not necessary to commit to attending the regular meetings. We are specifically looking for:
    1. A cub parent to assist in the production of the cub section of Smoke SIgnals;
    2. Help with Facilities management – Ensuring hall is stocked and equipped with key items and managing the cleaning of the hall. A cleaner for two ½ days a week.
    3. Fundraising – looking at ways to raise new funds. Although we have a good income stream, we can always use more money to speed up the pace of delivery
    4. Grounds – to initially produce a plan for the grounds for implementation when funds become available.
  5. Thanks to all those parents and volunteers who help make the Group one of the pre-eminent Groups in the Western Cape and indeed the country.

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