Cub Activities: Fires, Cooking, Culture

Learning about other cultures and countries, creative expression through poetry and drawing, lighting fires and cooking food over burners made by the cubs themselves – these are just a few of the activities that make our cub group an exciting and fun filled space for all our members.







Cubs at Claremont 1st making flags and writing poems to learn about different cultures and to connect with cubs around the world.






Learning about culture 12
Learning about culture 14
Learning about culture 4
Learning about culture 10


After learning about cultural differences in our cub pack, the cubs wrote some poems and some general observations:

“I learnt about cultures at cubs. Who would have thought they were made out of mugs?”


“Most of the people celebrate April fools day” Tristan





Fires Oliver



Cooking stokbrood over open flame and enjoying the fruit of our labour.


Boiling water over wax stoves.

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