Committee Notes

With the advent of Covid 19, the hall was closed to tenants on the instructions of the City of Cape Town. To date, the hall remains closed to all users.

The consequence of this was that we lost one of major streams of income (rental from our tenants). It is fortunate that the Group is in a strong financial position, thanks to our long term plan which sees us setting aside some 10% of monthly income into long term savings for various objectives. One of those objectives is to have a emergency fund able to fund the Group for six months and while we are still working towards this, we do have money set aside for emergencies such as Covid 19.

At the same time, the branches (cubs, scouts, meerkats and rovers) all were required by Scouts SA to cease normal activities and it was agreed by the committee that we would only incur essential expenses until such time as we were able to resume normal operations. In the interim, cubs, scouts and rovers have all continued via virtual meetings. Meerkats has not been able to commence under the lockdown restrictions due to unavailability of the adult leaders.

Over the last few years we have invested large amounts of money into our infrastructure so that our security is considerably better than it was and the hall is far better maintained. While there are many years to go in the overall plan, the investment to date has served us well with just a small leak being detected. We have been fortunate too that the homeless people living next door at the old bowling club have, to date, been deterred by our increased security.

We hope that this pandemic will follow the predicted curve (or better) and that we will soon be able to resume scouting and allow our tenants (who are struggling with the unavailability of the hall) to resume activities, even on a restricted basis, and our meerkats, cubs, scouts and rovers to resume some activities. In the interim we are confident of the Group’s ability to weather the storm!

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