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Smoke Signals – First Edition 2019

Since we first published Smoke Signals, far back in the somewhat misty history of 1st Claremont, it has always taken the form of a book. In the old days it was typed by hand and roneod.  Later it was created on personal computers and printed. Later still it was , created as a pdf and …

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Annual Camp – a photo essay

December 2018 ended with the Annual Scout Camp at Appleton: with 17 Scouts and 18 Scouters attending.   Activities included a walk to the Kramat and the Noon Gun.   Team games like volley ball and an amazing race                     An outing to the Company Gardens …

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Bats Patrol Hike

  [easy-image-collage id=11768] On a cool Saturday – perfect hiking weather – the Bats Patrol set out to hike from Constantia Nek to De Villiers Dam. Thanks to all the participants and well done to Nina for organising the route! Related Images:

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The AGM – The Scout Group Leader’s Address

Below is the text of Tim, our Scout Group Leaders address, at the 2018 AGM. The Group Committee consists of volunteer parents, each with a defined role, to support the branches (troop and pack), in producing scouting. Karen has fulfilled the role of managing our important leasing activities which supports not only the troop and …

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AGM – The Troop Report

The 2018 year was an historic year for the Troop. As you are all aware we won, for the first time in our history, the Rayner Trophy and followed this up with a unique double when we won the Gordon Shield for the first time since 1972. The Trophy and Shield are on the wall …

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Scouts Digital

Scouts Digital is the online administration system for all scouts in South Africa. There is no other recognised system. 1st Claremont was one of the early adopters of the system. Scouts Digital can be accessed here. Registration on Scouts Digital To be registered on the system, a scout must have a unique email (they cannot …

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Patrol Camps

Patrol camps are an essential part of building patrol spirit and of scouting in general. Having a camp without adults present is a great way for scouts to learn responsibility and to have fun. Patrol camps are required regardless of whether it is being run for first class or not. To reduce pressure on the …

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Smoke Signals Quarter 2

The second quarter edition of Smoke Signals has been published with lots of information on what we have been up to in the second quarter of 2018. New Group branding, hikes, camps, badges and the return of Rupe the Troop Snoop Click to read Smoke Signals 2018 Q2 The third edition Smoke Signals will be …

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