Our Explorer Scouts and the Scouts in America

As part of their Explorer Badge, our scouts are supposed to product a display which must be shown to the public. Usually this takes the form of a pioneering model or a poster, shown at the local library or in a shopping centre. Late last year we were approached by an American Scouter who wanted to exchange video clips of what scouting was like in the two countries. We agreed with the American Scouter that our Explorer Scouts (Michael, Emily and Daniel) would be responsible for producing the clip. We finally exchanged the clips in late March via YouTube. Michael, Emily and Daniel put in many hours of editing work to produce a high quality clip (approximately 3 full days of editing). They had a lot of fun while doing it but watching them at work, it was clear that there was a substantial amount of effort being put into editing, voiceovers and concepts. We are impressed with the quality of the final product and were interested to see the corresponding clip from America.

Our clip can be seen here and the clip from America can be seen here. All in all we think this was a great effort from scouts in both countries and definitely something a bit different from a local display.


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