Hello Beavers!

Our Meerkats made contact with a Colony of Beaver Scouts in England, through friends of our ADS, Otter. Beavers are for children 6-8, a little older than our Meerkats. We were delighted to receive in the post hand-written letters from the Beavers with delightful news – they lived near London, about their favourite badges, they loved do-nutting, and they had a new King. Even though many of our Meerkats cannot write yet, they set to to reply. They invited the Beavers to come and climb Table Mountain, explained their Burrows and badges, and hope to meet the new King! We made puzzles of South African animals and scenes for them and parceled it all up for Rafiki to post on her next trip. We also made some videos. Here is one. These activities contributed towards the World Around Us Challenge Badge.

Judith Bishop, Den Scouter

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