Nina on the Boesmanskloof

After early start, we left the hall to go Greyton. Arriving at the start of the hike, after a stop at Peregrines (for some of us), we began walking and quickly came to a steep hill which lead to a view stop and lunch. We walked downhill, through a valley, and got to our next stop; the pools, where we swam, some in our clothes while others were clever enough to bring swimming costumes. The end part of the hike was a half-finished pass which was made for the rugby teams to get to Greyton, which we walked on, but it was never finished. We finally arrived in the cabins and did advancement, played card games and had a braai for supper. The next morning it began to rain, and were glad we were not walking back to Greyton. After breakfast we packed up and got into cars for the ride back home.    

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