Scout Group Committee Notes

The last few months have been quiet for the committee as we wait to have enough money to execute the next part of the development plan which is certain repairs to the floor of the hall. The floor represents an irreplaceable asset and over the next 12 months we expect to spend a large portion of our budget on necessary maintenance. This is part of the planned programme to continuously upgrade and maintain the infrastructure.

In June we said goodbye to Tim Smith who returned to the UK for work related reasons. Tim was a calm presence in committee meetings and we wish him and his family well in their return home. In his place, we welcome Pierre Hoffa who has agreed to take up the mantle of Scout Group Leader. Pierre is an ex-1st Observatory scout (and is therefore subject to occasional comments about oldest troops!) and an active member of the Mountain Club of South Africa. Welcome, Pierre, to the committee.

The Scout Group Committee continues to develop a long term plan for the Group to ensure that our facilities and equipment are well maintained and improved and that we spend money effectively.

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